CV, Papers, and Publications

Full CV


-2017. Kenneth Waltz is Not a Neorealist (and why that matters). European Journal of International Relations. (with Christopher David LaRoche). Online First PDF

-2017. A Relational View of Ontological Security in International Relations. International Studies Quarterly 61(1): 78-85. PDF

-2016. ‘Pragmatism as Ontology, Not (Just) Epistemology: Exploring the full horizon of pragmatism as an approach to IR theory. International Studies Review 18 (3): 508-527. PDF

-2015. ‘Crossing Off Names: the Logic of Military Assassination.’ Small Wars and Insurgencies, 26(1). PDF

-2013.  ‘“Anyone Who Hurts Us”: How the Logic of Israel’s “Assassination Policy” Developed during the Aqsa Intifada’. Terrorism and Political Violence, 25(2). PDF

-2013. Pratt, S. F., Giabbanelli, P. J., & Mercier, J. S. Detecting unfolding crises with Visual Analytics and Conceptual Maps Emerging phenomena and big data. In Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), 2013 IEEE International Conference). IEEE.

-2012.  S.F. Pratt, P.J. Giabbanelli, P. Jackson and V.K. Mago. “Rebel with Many Causes: A Computational Model of Insurgency”. In Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), 2012 IEEE International Conference). IEEE.


 -2017.“Banning refugees harms U.S. national security” Toronto Star. Available online at (with Craig Damian Smith)

-2016.“We must confront Omar Mateen’s Homophobia’. Toronto Star, 15 June. Available online at


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