CV, Papers, and Publications

CV in full


-2022. Normative transformation and the War on Terror: the evolution of targeted killing, torture, and private military contracting. Cambridge University Press.

Refereed articles and chapters:

-2022. ‘Epistemology: Logic, Causality and Explanation’, In eds. R. Joseph Huddleston, Tom Jamieson, and Patrick James, Handbook of Research Methods in International Relations. PDF (chapter only)

-2021. ‘The Phenomenology of Cognitive Evolution’, In eds. Piki Ish-Shalom, Markus Kornprobst, and Vincent Pouliot, Theorizing World Orders: Cognitive Evolution and Beyond. Cambridge University Press. PDF (chapter only)

-2021. ‘Pragmatism in IR: The Prospects for Substantive Theorizing’, International Studies Review, advance access, pp. 1-26. Includes ‘To Be a Pragmatist in Explaining International Politics’, pp. 2-5. (Forum Editor with Sebastian Schmidt). PDF

-2020. ‘Reification, practice, and the ontological status of social facts‘. International Theory, 12(2), 231-237. PDF

-2020 ‘From Norms to Normative Configurations: A pragmatist and relational approach to theorizing normativity in IR‘. International Theory, 12(1): 59-82. PDF

-2019. ‘Norm transformation and the institutionalization of targeted killing in the United States.’ European Journal of International Relations, 25 (3): 723–747. PDF

-2018. ‘Kenneth Waltz is Not a Neorealist (and why that matters).’ European Journal of International Relations, 24 (1): 153-176. (with Christopher David LaRoche) PDF

-2017. ‘A Relational View of Ontological Security in International Relations.’ International Studies Quarterly 61(1): 78-85. PDF

-2016. ‘Pragmatism as Ontology, Not (Just) Epistemology: Exploring the full horizon of pragmatism as an approach to IR theory‘. International Studies Review 18(3): 508-527. PDF

-2015. ‘Crossing Off Names: the Logic of Military Assassination.’ Small Wars and Insurgencies, 26(1). PDF

-2013.  ‘“Anyone Who Hurts Us”: How the Logic of Israel’s “Assassination Policy” Developed during the Aqsa Intifada’. Terrorism and Political Violence, 25(2). PDF

-2013. Pratt, S. F., Giabbanelli, P. J., & Mercier, J. S. Detecting unfolding crises with Visual Analytics and Conceptual Maps Emerging phenomena and big data. In Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), 2013 IEEE International Conference). IEEE.

-2012.  S.F. Pratt, P.J. Giabbanelli, P. Jackson and V.K. Mago. “Rebel with Many Causes: A Computational Model of Insurgency”. In Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI), 2012 IEEE International Conference). IEEE.


-2022. “Ukraine’s Refugees Are Close Enough for European Solidarity”. Foreign Policy, 29 March. Available online at (with Christopher David LaRoche)

-2021. “Vaccines Will Shape the New Geopolitical Order”. Foreign Policy, 29 April. Available online at (with Jamie Levin)

-2021. “U.S. Republicans Are Dangerously Close to Paramilitary Groups”. Foreign Policy, 10 March. Available online at (with Lucas Dolan)

-2021. “How Social Media Monopolies Broke the Public Sphere”. Foreign Policy, 22 January. Available online at (with Joshua Foust)

-2020. “Canada can’t rely on other countries to supply our vaccines.” The Globe and Mail, 20 November. Available online at (with Jamie Levin)

-2018. “US killing by drone: continuity and escalation.” The Interpreter, 11 December. Available online at

-2018. “What’s behind the rise in American political violence?”. Toronto Star, 29 October. Available online at

-2018. “What Should We Make of Elite American Mercenaries in Yemen?”. War on the Rocks, 23 October. Available online at

-2017.“Banning refugees harms U.S. national security” Toronto Star. Available online at (with Craig Damian Smith)

-2016.“We must confront Omar Mateen’s Homophobia’. Toronto Star, 15 June. Available online at

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